Brand Guidelines

Using the logo

Use only the monochrome logo

Do not change the color of the Cyberscape logo. Use only the black or white variation where possible. Provide adequate whitespace around the logo. Using the ones provided here are allowed as long as they are not cropped or changed in aspect ratio.

Cyberscape logo, white on black Cyberscape logo, black on white
The Cyberscape logo should not be recolored

Do not add effects to the logo

The Cyberscape logo is static and single-color. There should not be any special effects on or surrounding the logo.

The Cyberscape logo should not have gradients The Cyberscape logo should not have drop shadows The Cyberscape logo should not have inner shadows

Do not alter or change the logo

The logo should remain proportional in all circumstances and the logotype shall not be changed, altered, or replaced. Do not distort the Cyberscape logo in any way.

The Cyberscape logo should not be caputalized The Cyberscape logo should not be distorted The Cyberscape logo should not use another typeface


Keep the word Cyberscape consistent

Keep the first letter "C" in Cyberscape capitalized and in same font size and style as the content surrounding it. Don’t modify, abbreviate or translate the word Cyberscape to a different language or by using non-English characters, or use any of our logos to replace it. Don’t combine “Cyber” or “scape” with your own brand.

Do not alter or modify the logotype

The Cyberscape logo is fully lowercased and uses Pragmatica Black with a 4% reduction in tracking distance. Do not recreate the Cyberscape logo using any alternative typefaces such as Helvetica Neue, Roboto, Arial, or any other which is not Pragmatica Black.